Sunday, January 30, 2011

Science is the Global Religion

Science is a religion based on faith (trust) in the scientific method and is slowly fusing with and assimilating almost all traditional religions. Not only does science meet the primary definitions of religion in most dictionaries it also fills the same functional role of religion. Science and traditional religions share the same genetic base that was created by natural selection. Many people already believe this, but I am not aware of an article that clearly spells out why. My goal is to do just that. This religion of science can be found almost everywhere and is currently practiced tacitly by a large segment of the global population. There is no need for a formal organized structure or formal name. It is important to see that science is just an evolution of religious thought and all religious systems have their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Here are a few interesting topics you will find in this document:

- Was Einstein being politically correct about God?

- What do Pharmaceutical Science and Magic Potions have in common?

- Does Richard Dawkins really believe science could be taught in classes about religion?

- What Supreme Court Chief Justice believed Secular Humanism is a religion?

- What do Catholic Priests and scientists have in common?

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